Ohh yeah…

“What will I do man??”
“When will you start studying?”
“After an hour!! What about u??”
“Me too..”
“Gotta go.. Somebody is callin in my mobile” [Although nobody was calling!!]

Nobody was calling.. I just wanted 2 be free from Hindi freaking exam thoughts..[I didn’t want to get pissed off imagining the results]
Soon I went out from my home 4 a relief… When I reached home my mother told that samir called me and told that there will be no school tomorrow..
Instead of calling him I called Viju.. [as he knows probably all current affairs happening in my school]
I asked him “what hapened??Why there is no school tomorrow??”
He replied” Our secretary sir [Gopalaraman Sir] had passed away due to heart failure!!”
“Ohh.. what happened?”
“Heart failure.. I think so”
“How much did he age??”
“Almost 90”
I was thinking “What the hell dude?? Working still in 90 years.. Man this person is a workaholic”
I asked “Will there be school tomorrow?
I thanked god many times before he finished the conversation… I didn’t listen to what he said after..
I was feeling very happy..[not due 2 the death of gopalaraman sir]
“Ohh yeah..I have to rock this evening!!”
Logged into facebook..and had a chat with Mr.Anirudh Sanjeev a Programmer cum Blogger..

I almost enjoyed every moment of that evening!!
When I went to bed :
“Ohh man… Maths exam on Friday :(.. will get really pissed!!!!!!”